Schadelijke aardbeving in de provincie Elazig, Turkije

Aardbeving overzicht : A very dangerous earthquake occurred in the Turkish Elazig province at 10:34 AM on June 23 2011. Due to the type of earthquake and the shallow depth, earthquake-report calls this earthquake "very dangerous"
May we kindly ask Turkish people who live in the epicenter area or have relatives in the area to share their information with Please use the I Did Feel It form below.

Landscape in the epicenter area - Panoramio picture courtesy Cihangir can -

FINAL UPDATE 12: 26 UTC: A Ml5.4 earthquake struck at very shallow depth (5.7km).
It was located close to Elazig, Turkey but affected primarily the towns and villages around Elazığ’ın İçme Beldesi.
In de mud brick houses in the villages of Kartaldere, heavy damage has occurred.
Many other villages have also recorded major damage to these rural mud brick houses.
In the upper parts of the village - the minarets of mosques have been destroyed. Luckily, there was no loss of life.
Tents and other relief supplies will come soon. This is also a mining district.

In the earthquake epicenter, 2 people jumping out of a window were slightly injured.
A 3.2 magnitude aftershock was also felt.

Civil Defence teams and the leadership of Acting Governor of the Elazig Municipality and the Red Crescent teams have begun to work on the raming van de schade of the villages damaged during the earthquake.
Severely damaged and uninhabitable homes will be determined afterwards - the first step is the aid of the people.

Due to the extent of damage and loss, the damage level is stated as CATDAT ORANJE, but this should not undermine the extent of damage in these communities. There have been a number of sad stories with the destruction of houses while people were having breakfast.

UPDATE 10: 29 UTC: We have decreased our alert level to "Oranje" as the reported damage is rather limited.

UPDATE 10: 24 UTC: The local press is talking about damaged houses but earlier reports of injured people are not confirmed after they called a number of hospitals.

UPDATE 10: 13 UTC: The earthquake source is the friction between the North and the East Anatolian faults.

UPDATE 09: 30 UTC: The map below is courtesy Universiteit van Bogazici, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute and gives a very good idea of the fault which has generated this earthquake. The red dots are showing various earthquakes which occurred within a year from now.

UPDATE 09: 13 UTC: Damage assessment work is being undertaken in the villages as we speak. People have since returned to their homes in Elazig, Bingol and other major towns not directly by the epicenter. Een naschok of M3.2 has been recorded, as well as several others.

UPDATE 09: 11 UTC: Nog power outages to the towns close to the epicenter. Bovendien, de water supply has become turbid in some locations, indicating cracked pipes or a problem in the water treatment. Multiple aardverschuivingen zijn gerapporteerd.

UPDATE 08: 52 UTC: we are currently waiting for additional reports from local sources.

UPDATE 08: 42 UTC: Based on USGS Felt reports, the shaking in Elazig was described as weak. This does however not mean that the direct epicenter area will not have been hurt. Houses in the area are made of brick or adobe and are very vulnerable to earthquakes.

UPDATE 08: 33 UTC: Elazığ'ın İçme Beldesi Is de town right at the epicenter and we still have not heard from this town.

UPDATE 08: 30 UTC: Panicking citizens in the earthquake threw themselves out of the windows and workplace into the streets. Again, this is behaviour we see everytime there is an earthquake in Turkey. If in an earthquake, you are usually safer staying inside otherwise you will usually be hit by falling debris running outside, or injure yourself with the fall.
Earthquake damage to some homes has occurred and therefore, health agencies and search and rescue crews are on alert.

UPDATE 08: 27 UTC: Some landslides have been recorded which have caused some damage.
Elazig mayor has stated that there has been no loss of life, however, it is unsure if this is referring to Elazig (40km from the epicenter) or the towns closer as well.

UPDATE 08: 22 UTC: Electricity and telephone lines in some villages are currently unavailable.

UPDATE 08: 21 UTC: sommige village houses have been damaged and a mosque minaret has been destroyed.

UPDATE 08: 10 UTC: 14 people were killed last year in a similar, but stronger, 6.1 magnitude earthquake (Elazig province).

UPDATE 08: 05 UTC: The earthquake has been felt in Tunceli, Elazığ, Malatya, Diyarbakir, Bingol.

UPDATE 08: 04 UTC: calls this earthquake dangerous due to the type of earthquake and the shallow depth

Based on first (preliminary) data, the hypocenter is at an extremely shallow depth of 6 km (AFAD 5 km)
Epicenter is only a few km from Kumyazi, Kartaldere, Kumla and Sarikamis (Elazig province)
USGS reports a magnitude of 5.2 at a depth of 10 km
AFAD (Turkey) : Ml 5.3 @ 5 km

Belangrijkste aardbevingsgegevens:
Magnitude: 5.3
UTC-tijd: Donderdag juni 23, 2011 op 07: 34: 46 UTC
Lokale tijd in epicentrum: donderdag, juni 23, 2011 op 10: 34: 46 AM op epicentrum
Diepte (het hypocentrum): 5 km
Geo-locatie (s):
41 km (25 mijl) OZO van Elazig, Turkey
82 km (50 mijl) ten NW van Diyarbakir, Turkey

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USGS historische aardbevingen in kaart te brengen
USGS Seismic hazard kaart

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